The goal of WilliamDanney.com is to re-position, redesign and re engineer society for the betterment and advancement of human beings. This goal is being accomplished through processes properly educating people with accurate information.

The goal is based upon two fundamental beliefs.

1. One person can change the world. Through thought and action as well as feelings and emotions conveyed via power of personal awareness and self-expression a person can influence another. This power manifests in many different ways; through speech, writing, art, athleticism, and teaching, just to name very few. Through positive influence, we encourage, motivate and advance each other. Utilizing the idea of likeminded thinking and pooling our personal resources, we can accomplish great things well beyond our current (Farrakhan, -Hon. Minister)imaginations.

2. The power of change begins within the individual. Personal change is completely a participatory self-engagement activity. The initial requirements are to conduct a self inventory of one’s personal resources, the acknowledgement of one’s strengths and weaknesses and the self understanding of what one believes in i.e. faith, God the future and the power of change.

Through awareness of one’s self, creativity and expression we can reshape and redesign a better environment for ourselves, our children and families, our communities and the Human family.