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The Time

Creating this article, I’m observing the people and events within this sphere of reality. It seems, the gears of this world’s system are winding down. Strange things are happening. Like an old quartz battery operated watch or clock.

As the battery dies, odd things begin to occur. In some instances, the hands of the watch or clock may move slower and cause ones who depend on this device for accuracy to be behind schedule or simply late. In other cases, the hands of the device may move more rapidly than they should, causing those who look to this time piece to be ahead of schedule. Sometimes being early is just as bad as or even worse than being late. As my comedian friends tell me, “Timing is everything”. Yet still in some occurrences as the clock battery dies, the hands of the device exhibit unpredictable and spontaneous behavior. The clock hands may jump forward or backwards by seconds, minutes, or even hours causing those who use this time piece to lose time or be out of sync. We must also consider that unless those who are using a time piece which has a dying battery realize that the battery is dying or better yet actually witness strange hand movements of the device, those ones may be completely oblivious to the fact that they have no idea of the real or exact time.

There are a few levels of understanding and awareness as to what is actually occurring when these strange things begin to happen. For instance, when some people notice the watch battery is dying, they may discard the watch entirely and possibly toss the device into the garbage. Others may attempt to simply insert a new battery into the watch and expect that to fix the problem of the clock’s strange hand movements.

However, some realize that beyond the face of the watch they are unseen electronic and mechanical workings that control the moving hands of the clock.

Some of us are aware that within the inner workings of the watch electronic signals are converted into mechanical power to drive the gears which move the hands of the watch.

Local neighborhood drug dealers I know that some of you know the time.