Cancer in the Black Community

The title of this article “Cancer in the Black Community” is offered both literally and figuratively. Metaphorically speaking, there is a malignant and invasive growth that has been spreading in the Black community from long before I was born.  This tumor is evident and made manifest through the struggles and day to day life of all people to whom the Black American experience applies. This evil sickness simultaneously is both the overwhelming and underlying issue at the core of why many Black American communities are in such a poor condition.

The disease robs these communities of power as well as the true understanding of power. This robbery has created an environment where real resources and tools were and are still being replaced by debt creating schemes and perpetuated networks of dependency. In such a system, wealth, knowledge and knowledge of creating wealth are not passed from generation to generation. Instead the system mis-educates people to continue supporting a corrupt system. When one becomes aware of this system and is able to observe and understand how it functions and has continued to function, develop and operate over numerous generations, any thinking person would find challenges determining who is sicker, those inflicted with the sickness created by this system or those compelled to keep the system operating. The compulsion is usually driven by greed and power. Unfortunately, there is more money and power found in continuing to perpetuate the system and thereby maintaining the sickness as opposed to creating a cure to the sickness and thus ending the disease.

Literally speaking, the title of this article “Cancer in the Black Community” addresses how an entire eco-system consisting of various pieces including finance, education, religion, politics and social interacting was built upon a foundation of mis-education and mis-information and has created an environment where the social behavior of people is conducive to disease and death. This system has created a framework which when analyzed reveals how it processes and positions people for failure in all areas of living from schools and education to business and finance as well as health and medical treatment. The system is such that prevention of diseases is a low priority if a priority at all. Unfortunately, those who are “Trapped” in such a system are then forced to fight overwhelming odds and terrible diseases such as cancer, all too often without the needed tools and resources required to win such a fight. As the title of the document implies, this system has introduced a sickness that attacks the Black American community at the cellular level and replicates itself thus sustaining a system that continually destroys the people trapped within the confines of the system. Furthermore, by the time the cancer has taken root, cures allowed to be administered by the system in many cases causes’ additional suffering and pain while true cures and solutions to the cancerous issues and problems that plague the Black community, solutions that can lead to ending the carcinogenic behavior of people are systematically shut out. As I metaphorically stated earlier, the money and power is in maintaining the sickness as opposed to curing the disease. The theme and spirit of this project is realizing and acknowledging the issues and bringing people to the point addressing these problems.  

I challenge us all to think.

Thank you,

William Danney